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Reveal your beautiful skin from the inside

Join the 90 day challenge and put IMEDEEN® Skincare tablets to the test.

Simply commit to supplementing your regular beauty routine with IMEDEEN® for the next 90 days and reveal a younger-looking you. Visit one of our IMEDEEN® Advisors at the start and end of your 90 day challenge so you can track your progress, more about that here.

You can also sign up to receive regular emails from us to guide you through your 90 days.

The 90 day challenge: what to expect

All over smoother, softer, more radiant looking skin in as little as 90 days when you add IMEDEEN® Skincare tablets to your regular beauty routine.

92% of women surveyed said regular use improves the quality of their skin

–Beauty Club 2013 study, 1455 respondents

Day 01 - 30

TOP TIP: Ensure your day cream or make-up base contains a protective SPF and look out for SPF enriched hand creams too. Hands can be an age-giveaway so treat with care!

Day 01

Spend a few minutes to assess your current skin condition or visit one of our IMEDEEN® Advisors for a free skin scan. This will help you keep track of your skin’s progress over the 90 day period.

Day 08

Get into the habit. Make IMEDEEN® the first step in your beauty routine: supplement, cleanse, tone, moisturise. The secret is to tie into an existing routine.

Day 14

A fortnight into your new routine! Although you can't see any visible changes to your skin, stick with it! IMEDEEN® Skincare supplements are scientifically proven to work in as little as 90 days, and every tablet counts.

Day 30

Maybe you’re starting to see beauty benefits already. Take a good look at elbows, shins, upper arms – those areas which always need extra lashings of body lotion. Don’t worry if you can’t see any results – it’s still early days!

Day 31 – 60

TOP TIP: Apply body lotions and creams when skin is still slightly damp to help lock in moisture – and don’t spend too long in the bath or shower. Remember how wrinkly fingers get if immersed in water for any length of time!

Day 45

IMEDEEN®´s exclusive Marine Complex contains proteins and moisture retaining elements similar to those found naturally in the skin’s supportive structure. You may now be starting to notice the beauty benefits and overall improvements to skin quality.

Day 60

Check for improvements in how your skin feels after bathing or showering. Does your skin feel softer and smoother all over? Make a note of how you are doing. Why not visit on of our IMEDEEN® Advisors for a two month check up to note how beautifully you are doing.

Day 61 – 90

TOP TIP: Keep thirsty skin at bay by drinking plenty of water and try swapping coffee for tea. All tea is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, so choose from black, white or green!

Day 75

Get some feedback. Have friends, family or work colleagues commented that you’re looking good? Often it takes someone else to point out the obvious - enjoy the compliments!

Day 90

Beautiful looking skin revealed. It’s time to admire the results. By now skin should be looking radiant and feeling softer and smoother all over compared to day one – visit our IMEDEEN® Advisors and measure the difference from when you started your 90 day challenge.

Make IMEDEEN® an integral part of your beauty routine and continue to reap the beauty benefits for ages to come.

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