Meet Sarah

60 seconds with Sarah, our Time Perfection ambassador, mother of two and IMEDEEN scanning consultant

You may remember Sarah as one of the winners of our global model competition back in 2012 and we think she is such a fabulous ambassador for the brand that we invited her back to front the latest campaign.  And Sarah loves the brand so much that she came to work for us in store!  Sarah has been taking IMEDEEN Time Perfection skincare tablets ever since a friend recommended them almost 8 years ago. She’s impressed by the scientific research but confesses “for me, it's not so much about seeing changes to my skin, the main benefit is that I haven’t seen too many of them since I first started taking IMEDEEN!”

Who gave you your best ever skin secret and what was it?
My mother - you are what you eat! It’s something I try to instil in my children too.  I really do believe that nutrition plays an important role in keeping skin looking healthy and radiant, so I try to eat a rainbow of different coloured fruit and vegetables daily and cook from scratch as much as possible.

What’s your favourite failsafe recipe?
Chilli - I have a meat and a veggie option - comfort food which appeals to all tastes. Both are packed full of pulses which are rich in zinc and therefore good for the skin!  My secret ingredient to add special flavour to a meat chilli is dark chocolate – all you need are a few squares – delicious!

Best beauty tip, apart from IMEDEEN?
I have three - sleep, laughter, and a daily SPF!  I’ve also just discovered micellar cleansing water – quick, easy, efficient – can I have four?

What’s in your handbag?
Mobile, purse, mini makeup bag and an umbrella – I live in Edinburgh and need to be prepared at all times!  And I hope my door keys are in there too.  It’s not unknown for me to leave the house without them - I believe in having a sense of adventure!

What’s your perfect night in?
My favourite night in - has to be out! I’d start with dinner with my fabulous friends, perhaps a cocktail or two, and finish with dancing into the wee hours.